Wicked Shell is an Eclipse plugin providing direct access to your system's shell. To be honest, Wicked Shell is not evil at all, although it calls itself wicked...

Wicked Shell is a small plugin trying to support your daily work with the Eclipse IDE. Although it is called Wicked Shell, it's not a real shell itself. Wicked Shell is an eclipse plugin which functions as mediator between a Runtime process and a SWT Text widget. That means the output of the Runtime process is transferred to the widget and the text typed in the widget is transferred to the process as input. So Wicked Shell is not an actual shell but only uses an existing shell implementation.

I always try to improve this plugin by ideas of my own. But I have to admit, although Wicked Shell only exist for not even one year, a lot of feature are implemented due to requests by the community. So feel free to submit any feature request that makes Wicked Shell more suitable for you. It won't be implemented immediately, but soon!

If you have any questions concerning the Wicked Shell please let me know. Have fun!